Christy Piña is a multimedia journalist living in New York City. She is interested in writing human interest stories and covering women’s issues, lifestyle and entertainment. She dreams of becoming Editor-in-Chief of a women’s, lifestyle or entertainment magazine one day.

As a Latina from Miami, Christy developed a tendency of speaking on behalf of those not spoken for. She traveled a lot growing up and saw the injustices around the world, further pushing her toward a career where she could write about what she saw (and didn’t see). She strives to genuinely listen to people and tell the stories she needs to tell — and have fun doing it — sometimes adding her own photos to the mix.

As a multimedia journalist, Christy has 5+ years of experience writing, reporting and photographing for a variety of mediums. Her written work has been featured in Woman’s Day, The Hollywood Reporter, Elite Daily, Latina Magazine, Giggle Magazine, The Brooklyn Ink and WUFT News, among others. She’s written stories about everything from silent sex toys to immigration to women making strides in Hollywood to her family and relationships.

Christy is currently the social media coordinator for The Hollywood Reporter, where she maintains the publication’s online presence, running its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. She writes tweets, Instagram captions and Facebook posts, designs Instagram stories and collaborates with various staffers to promote their pieces across all platforms.

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