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My First Tattoo (And Some Tips & Tricks To Remember For Yours)

I got my first tattoo on March 24, and I’ve honestly never felt more indestructible. Don’t ask me how or why some ink just below my left collarbone makes me feel so powerful, but I feel like I can literally take on anything.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a tattoo. I went back and forth when it came to which one I wanted to do first, but on that sunny Saturday afternoon at Euphoria Tattoos in Talla-nasty I went with the tattoo I knew I wanted the most.

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Nostalgia’s Powerful Impact 

While we can’t physically time travel just yet, nostalgia is the next best thing. It has the power to take you back to a time that made you laugh, a time that made you cry or even a time that made you do a little bit of both.

Nostalgia comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes when we think of TV shows we grew up watching or that friend we spent every day with in middle school or that song we listened to on repeat the summer we had our hearts broken for the first time.

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