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What I’m Going to Miss About UF

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would’ve ever been a Gator, I straight up would’ve laughed in your face and made a U with my hands, because my entire family consisted of Miami Hurricane fans. My brother went there for undergrad and his MBA. My dad went there for law school. We were Canes fans, and there was no doubt about it.

If being surrounded by orange and green fans wasn’t enough, in the fourth grade I toured the University of Miami’s art museum, and from that day until the day I chose UF, UM was the place I wanted to be.

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9 Celebs Who Are Killing the Body Positivity Game

Being 100 percent happy in the skin you’re in is by far one of the most difficult things to do. There’s always something you’re going to wish looked different on your body; whether it be your weight, your freckles, the gap between your teeth or your scars. Each of those things make you who you are, and who that is is beautiful. No ifs, ands or buts. Here are nine celebrities who have taken a stand for body positivity.

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5 Things That Keep You and Your OG Hometown Friends Close

While I wish I could say my friends have been pretty consistent since I was in diapers, I can’t. Throughout my life, most of the people I’ve been closest to have fluctuated, though there are a couple who have been there since the single-digit ages. My hometown friends are mainly people I got close to right before going away to college.

Of my seven or so hometown friends, one is the girl who’s been my best friend since 2005, one is the girl I bullied the first time I met her at age 4, three are girls I got close to in high school and two of them are my ride-or-die boys. When you go away to college, one of the biggest fears you may have is that you’ll lose touch with the people from back home. Though that may be true for some, there are the ones who regardless of how long you’ve been away, you still see them every time you go home.

And while your more recent memories may be with your college friends — the ones you made or got closer to in those best four years of your life — there’s no denying your hometown friends will always have a special place in your heart.

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UF Senior Bucket List

With graduation less than 50 days away, it’s time to start thinking back on your last four years. Time to reminisce on the things you’ve done and realize all the things you still have to do.

The good news is you still have time to check those items off your bucket list. The bad news is you have less than 50 days to do so. You got this, though; I believe in you. For those of you who aren’t graduating just yet, congratulations! You have more time than the rest of us to check these off your list.

Here are the 30 things you have to do before you walk across that Stephen C. O’Connell Center stage.

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7 Ways to Fight Post-Breakup Loneliness

Breakups happen, and they hurt. Whether you did the breaking up or you’ve been broken up with, it’s almost never easy. Regardless of which position you are in, adjusting to being single is going to be rough. You’re going to be lonely, and it’s going to be weird not having someone to always talk to and spend a lot of your free time with. There are ways to fight the loneliness that’ll come, and here are just a few of them.

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5 Things I Learned From Anna Kendrick’s Memoir, ‘Scrappy Little Nobody’

Celebrities have always seemed really distant and sometimes even fake to me. I forget that they’re real people, and honestly, can you blame me? They fill our screens and can make us feel an array of emotions. There’s no way people like that can be real.

Except they are.

Before they were famous, they were just like us: going to school, hanging with friends, dealing with all sorts of problems that come with growing up.

Anna Kendrick helped me realize that. Her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody, takes us through her life, starting with her at age 4. Thanks to her pediatrician, Dr. Handsome, she wanted to be a doctor, which didn’t last very long (I mean, we all wanted to be a doctor at one point, right? Right?).

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Should You Take the Summer Off After Graduating?

What to do after graduating college is a decision that we all face when the final semester of the best four years of our lives quickly comes to an end (I’m not crying, I swear).

We don’t have that many options of what to do at the end of that last semester: we can jump head first into the “real word” of jobs and fending for ourselves, we can go right back to school, or we can take the summer off (or any following months after you walk across that stage, but for the sake of this article, I’m just going to call it summer).

For those of you who didn’t even think twice about jumping into the job pool after graduation, hear me out. Both options are viable, but I want you to step back from thinking that’s what you have to do, and figure out if that’s what you really want to do. After all, people keep telling me, “You’re going to have the rest of your life to work,” and they’re right.

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A Guide for When Your Hookup Turns into a Relationship

It’s Friday night. You and your girls are hitting downtown, and if that gets too boring, you’re going to make your way to mid. Two of your girls are wifed up, so they tend to keep to themselves when you’re all out, steering clear of any guys that try to come up to them. You and your other friend are the single ones, so for you, it’s open season. As you walk through Palomino, you lock eyes with a pretty boy on the other side of the bar. Turns out pretty boy has a friend, so you make your way towards them with your wing woman for the night.

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From Denial to Acceptance: A Tale of How I Learned I Am a Relationship-Kind-Of-Gal

Maybe it’s just me, but I thought at this point in my life, nearing college graduation, I would already know everything and anything there is to know about myself. Turns out I was wrong.

I recently learned (or I guess maybe the better term is “accepted”) that I’m the kind of person who is always in a relationship. I don’t necessarily look for relationships, but when they present themselves, I typically don’t shut them down.

Here’s the thing: In the last four years, I’ve been single for about six to seven months total (out of 48 months — yikes). I had a boyfriend in high school, and we broke up. Almost immediately after, I started dating someone new, then we also broke up. I gave myself about a three-month break, and then I started dating someone else and was with them for two and a half years; we also broke up. Now I’m dating someone new.

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7 Unconventional Ways to Spend V-Day with Your SO

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. While some people will celebrate February 14 with their significant other, others will spend it with their gals, and some may even choose to spend it alone.

For those who are having a night in by yourself, bundle up and pass the time doing what your favorite thing is anyway: binge-watching your newest Netflix obsession. For the gals kicking it with their squad, mix up some fruity red and pink drinks (if you’re of age, of course). And for those who will be celebrating it with their SO, switch it up this year. Don’t just go to dinner at the nicest place that’s going to be full of all the same kind of people.

Tailor your celebration to you, to your relationship and to the things that make your relationship yours.

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