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21 Best Guilty Pleasure Romantic Movies For Your Next Night In

We all have those guilty pleasure movies that we turn to when we just need to feel warm and cuddly inside. It doesn’t matter if we just broke up with someone, feel a little lonely that day or just want to see the two people we root for end up together because we need that comfort. We know these romantic movies are the ultimate clichés, but we love them all the same.

21 Things to do in Miami When You’re Under 21

With its worldwide rep for unrivaled nightlife, looking for something to do in Miami under 21 seems beyond limiting. Miami natives learned to get creative when it came to turning up without alcohol on the weekends. From window-shopping to bowling to room escapes, your options will make you forget your fake. Grab a group of friends or a spend a day enjoying some “me” time.

Powerful Women Leaders: Jess Weiner

Jess Weiner can’t stop bullets with her wrists (or maybe she can), but this modern-day Wonder Woman can shape Barbie dolls with her creative mind to save the self-esteem of girls around the world. 60 percent of girls are so concerned with their appearance that they refuse to go swimming, visit the doctors and go to school. 11 percent of girls in the world consider themselves beautiful. Jess Weiner works daily to shrink the former and increase the latter. She brought you the new Barbie, the one that actually looks like a normal person. Together with Dove, she reached 20 million girls with the Real Beauty campaign. In three years, she plans to reach 40 million. She fights for the girls who need someone to fight for them, and even the ones who don’t.

25 Most Inspirational Music Quotes

Time to take a hit of your favorite drug, music. Whether house, rock, rap or country rocks your boat, you can’t tell me you go days without music. Our personalized playlists get us through the good, the bad and the ugly. When you need some inspiration in life, love and the pursuit of happiness, and you need more than just your support system, try listening to some of these songs.

10 Great Gatsby Quotes that are Accurate AF

Of all the boring books from high school that coughed up dust and out-of-style references in your face, “The Great Gatsby” stood out. Frankly, you enjoyed reading about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous and the slightly stalkerish of the 1920s–the same way you enjoyed your Gatsby-themed prom.

How to Be Romantic on a College Budget

In between paychecks, you suddenly get the urge to do something romantic for your significant other. Maybe they haven’t been feeling like themselves, just bombed a test or maybe they’re perfectly fine but you wanna do something special for them anyways. You don’t have to take them to a fancy restaurant that’ll easily cost you $200.

10 Tasty Galentine’s Day Cocktails Perfect for a Girl’s Night

You don’t need chocolates, bears and jewelry to keep you company this Valentine’s Day.  Get your babes together, have a night in making tasty Galentine’s Day cocktails. Or use these drinks for a pre before hitting all those anti-Valentine’s Day parties.

21 Things You Can Only Get Away With In Gainesville Once You Turn 21

A whole new wooooorld…of specialty drinks and fearlessly walking into liquor stores opens up when you turn 21. And when you hit Mid or Downtown, and tell people it’s your 21st, it’s like everyone around you turns 21, too.

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